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Wedding Planning – Things to Think about Before You Tie the Noose

So you got a groom, a ring, and a wedding dress. Everything is set except that there are so many things to do. You will need sponsors, decorations, order of the ceremony, photography, wedding reception arrangements, wedding invitations, wedding vows, wedding songs, wedding rehearsals, wedding flowers, transportation, bridal party, wedding date, and tons of other things that a normal person goes through before tying the noose. Contrary to popular belief, wedding planning is not as easy as eating peanuts. Regardless of how grand the wedding is, there are many things to prepare and think about before your much awaited day. Here are some things that you might have forgotten.

  • The priest or judge – This depends on your belief or on where you will be holding your wedding. Regardless of our differences in religious and social upbringing, there is one common denominator when it comes to weddings – you will need someone ordained, be it legally or religiously, to wed you and your partner. So with the brouhaha that comes with wedding preparations, do not forget the priest or judge.
  • The sponsors or witnesses – You will need people to witness and hear your wedding vows. They need to sign your marriage certificate as well to make is in no means illegal and is approved by the law.
  • The Reception – Most cultures celebrate wedding like its Christmas. There should be plenty of food and members of each side of the family should be present. While a grand reception is not always necessary, you will at least need to treat your sponsors, guests, and family members somewhere. Whoever said weddings are cheap?
  • The budget – Unless if you’re a millionaire, budget is always the first thing to consider before everything else. When you know how much you have to spend, you can narrow down your options into what your budget can allow. Budget is also the heart and soul of wedding planning.
  • Checklist – To make sure you are not forgetting anything, see to it you have a checklist of the things that have been done and those that need more work. Even couples who can afford a wedding planner should have a checklist for themselves.
  • Wedding Vows – Many men dread this part of the wedding. This is the reason why it is in this list. Encourage your man to make his vows and practice it days before the wedding.

Wedding planning is fun. Despite the usefulness of wedding planners, it is still better if you and your partner can work on it yourselves. You will feel the exhilaration and joy of your wedding day.

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