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Secret to a Memorable Wedding: Choosing the Right Wedding Planner

Life is full of choices. Just when you choose to get married, you will now need to choose a wedding planner to do all the dirty work for you. While it may be convenient in the long run, trusting your wedding to one person may break or make it depending on your choice. So here are some guidelines to make sure you don’t mess this part up.

  • Wedding planners may come in form of a book and/or human. The book can give you a detailed list of the things you need to do. It is cheaper and you have the freedom to do everything yourself. On the other hand, hiring a talking, walking, thinking human planner will save you all the effort. A human planner can be an invaluable tool so you can worry less and enjoy this special day. Not to mention, you are saved from all the legwork that a human planner can take care of.
  • Ask friends and family – Like most professional services, you can ask for recommendations from your friends or relatives who may know a planner who has done a great job in his or her previous projects. It is always good to have a referral from someone you know compared to reading advertisements made by the planner himself or herself. In case you really need to look one yourself, you can look for a wedding planner or coordinator in phonebooks or in the classified ads sections of newspapers.
  • Interview – Make sure you do this yourself. Consider this as an audition. This is an important job for an important occasion. You need to feel confident with this person. Make sure you can depend on him or her for this special day. Remember that if you’re in doubt, throw it out. Do not bet on someone you don’t connect with or someone who you’re having a hard time talking to. It is important that you understand each other and that he or she can live up to your expectations.
  • The price – You should know that a wedding planner costs about ten percent of the cost of the wedding. If you think this is too much, then think about how much you would spend if you do everything yourself. Also, think about how much time and effort this may cause you. Consider that there is no price for effort. Not to mention the stress you may experience if you prepare everything and be married at the same time.

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