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A Blast of Fun and Fancy Decorations for a Unique Dream Wedding

It is rare to see fun wedding decorations. There seems to be an unspoken rule about staying monotonous and safe when it comes to decorating a wedding ceremony. While there are certain rules in churches that should be respected, the reception doesn’t have to be all white and flowery. If you want something new and fun for your reception, here are some suggestions that may spark your creativity.

  • Play with colors – Stay away from the usual white motifs. White is technically not even a color to begin with so why bother using it? You can use all colors in the spectrum. There are so many colorful flowers and cloths available online and they don’t really have to be very expensive. The good news about this is that if you are free to use any color you will have more options. You can coordinate with your wedding planner regarding this. They are trained to know which colors match with one another and which ones should not be placed on the same room. If you do not have a wedding coordinator, there are always sites online that will teach you how to mix and match colors. If in doubt, just Google it and you will be fine.
  • Think of a theme – It would be fun if you could ask your guests to dress up like fairies while you and your partner will be the prince and princess in a fairytale. If you are not this crazy or your guests don’t feel like wearing wings or carrying wands, then you can come up with something more possible. Dressing up as Princess Leia and Han Solo during your reception could be fun while your guests dress up as aliens from different planets. The point of this suggestion is that you can play with a theme that would match you and your partner’s personalities.
  • Wedding decorations on catalogues can be helpful too – There are suggestions on catalogues that could appeal to you. Remember to put your own flare to it. Own your wedding by putting something on the mix that would symbolize or represent you and your partner. What you see on catalogues or on online wedding magazines should serve only as suggestions.

If you are not very creative or you doubt your taste, you can always ask professionals or friends who have better taste than you. Understand that there is a reason why wedding decorations belong to a different department as birthday or Halloween decorations. As long as you put this in mind, you will be fine.

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